The First Open Sri Lankan Cube Competition 2022

Organized by the Lanka Cubers Association (LKCA) and governed by The World Cube Association (WCA), the first Open Sri Lankan cube competition was held on 02nd of April 2022 at Sanora Restaurant-Thalawathugoda. This event was organized for all the Sri Lankans who are interested in Rubik’s Cube and related puzzles. Mr.Sachin Aravind, who was the delegator from India assigned by WCA, was present at the event to monitor and judge the participants.

One of the participant was our grade 10 student Mohamed Diwan, who was able to achieve the 2nd place (1st Runner Up) for 5x5x5 cube, 2nd place (1st Runner Up) for 2x2x2 cube, 3rd place (2nd Runner Up) for 3x3x3 cube one handed. He also got the competition best single timing (10.61s) for 3x3x3 at the finals. Mohamed Diwan learnt Rubik’s Cube games on his own for the last 2 to 3 years and it is indeed great to achieve this with a short time period without proper guidance. His learning ways have been various tools found via internet including YouTube videos and practicing them accordingly. This can inspire more students to learn the algorithms of Rubik’s Cube solving help them boost their brain activity.

Here are some of the benefits Of Learning How To Solve Rubik’s Cube For Kids.

  • Develops Problem Solving Skills.
  • Boosts The Power Of Reflexes In Your Child.
  • Enhances Observational Skills.
  • Improves Concentration and Configuration.
  • Keeps The Mind Active.
  • Increases Speed And Agility.
  • Helps Productive And Keeps Boredom At Bay.

Diwan, wishes to participate in the next competition and hoping to improve his skills with rubic’s cube so that he can compete in global level competitions. We wish Mohamed Diwan for best of luck for his future.

Some of the highlights of the events…